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Y! Multi Messenger 8.x and 9.x

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February 23 2011


Y! Multi Messenger 8.x and 9.x


Y! Multi Messenger allows you to run multiple instances of Yahoo Messenger instead of only an open mind.

This is for those that run perfectly under several names. There are others who like ... but an "update prompt", this has not!

Messenger for Vista:

We currently do not have a compatible version of Messenger YMulti for the latest Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista!

Y! Multi V8 and V9 instructions:

The version 8 patching program is not version specific, it is compatible with all versions of YM 8 work! All you need is the introduction Y! Multi Messenger.exe file and then you can choose to enable or disable the polygamy patch. After his patched (or so) it will stay that way until changed again. The only time you will now use the Y! Messenger.exe Multi file change the actual patching, otherwise you are now with the normal Yahoo Messenger Icons.

Installation instructions:

Before installing, please read the included documentation! To do Y! the installation setup program Multi Messenger to install. This will automatically install to C: program file yahoo messenger. If you have Yahoo Messenger installed in another folder, make sure the correct way to Y! to reflect Multi Messenger setup wizard. Otherwise, they have the Yahoo Messenger folder "Programs" Installing likely result in the DLL (driver file) errors.

Up / Downgrade Instructions:

If you upgrade or downgrade versions of Yahoo Messenger, please delete the Y! Multi Messenger.exe uninstall file from the Applications folder, Yahoo first, then / upgrade Yahoo Messenger. Then if you want to install Multi, make sure that the same version and install it. It is important to Y! Multi Messenger.exe file before you delete / down classification as sometimes it can not be overwritten and can cause errors!

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