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YahArch 1.0.2

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April 4 2008


YahArch 1.0.2


YahArch is a message archive viewing tool for Yahoo! Instant Messenger YahArch is a message archive viewing tool for Yahoo! Instant Messenger.

Supports displaying of ANSI, Fonts, Color Effects, Links, Smileys and Timestamps.

Includes options for Printing, Saving, Advanced Searches and much more!

Here are some key features of "YahArch":

  • Easy to navigate user interface.
  • Faster rendering of archives (approximately 10-20 times faster than Yahoo! Messenger) with advanced formatting capabilities.
  • User selected message formats including ANSI (escape codes), Fonts, Color Effects, Emoticons, Links, Timestamps, and standard HTML.
  • Advanced Search - Quickly search all of your archives for certain phrases or words by profile, type, user and date.
  • Saving Archives - Save your archives in either Text or HTML format.
  • Unicode (UTF-8) Support - View/save archives that have International characters in them, such as Arabic and Hebrew.
  • Open third-party archives.
  • Print archives.
  • Customize Profile and Emoticon paths (as well as customizing which types of archives to display).
  • Standard Edit operations (Copy, Select All).
  • Delete selected archive or profile.
  • Find/Find Next within currently displayed archive.
  • Quickly view (Yahoo!) profiles of selected user.
  • Quick refresh currently displayed archive.

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