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T-Minus Soccer Countdown

OS Support:

Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003


Publisher Old version


September 13 2005


T-Minus Soccer Countdown


Countdown Clock on your desktop or webpage to count down days, hours and minutes to your Soccer!

  • Looking forward to the game? Whether it's youth soccer or the major league, now you can count down to kick-off.
  • Celebrate the Soccer Game or Tournament of your favorite Team, Spouse or Kids with style.
  • You can play our cheering crowd!!
  • Increase awareness
  • Build Anticipation
  • Re-enforce the importance of this event.
  • Your anticipation will build as you count down the days, hours and minutes.
  • On your PC desktop (or on your Webpage with T-Minus-On-The-Web Add-on

  • Simple - Simplest way to get up and running really quickly, just download, install and go.
  • Basic Customization - Customize the Event Caption and the Event Date by simply clicking on the countdown and selecting choice from a menu. Display different sizes on your desktop.
  • What cannot be done - the image and sounds cannot be changed and the countdown cannot be included in your e-mail. (If you want this then purchase T-Minus Design Studio.)...More...
  • Fun - A software program for your PC that's fun and easy to use.
  • On your PC - The Countdown Clock sits on your desktop so you can monitor the time until your special event. Also, use as a your screensaver.

  • Alarm - Sound effects during count down or at finish.

    Add-on - Add this Countdown to your webpage with T-Minus-On-The-Web...More...

    Your protection - 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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