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Yaeger 1.0.0

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February 20 2008


Yaeger 1.0.0


Yaeger is your internet information assistant. It has just two interface panels: the options panel, where you can create and configure your search projects and the control panel where you can control your assistant behaviour and make search-time adjustments. What are common applications for Yaeger? In a very few steps you can: - download a site - download a group of linked sites and/or pages - go wandering across the net in a continuous search - use search engines to automatically download tons of pages - apply any kind of filtering rules on the pages being received You can in any moment stop your search, exit Yaeger and resume the search without having to save or load anything: Yaeger saves and loads automatically any data in the project folder during the process. At any time you can locally browse the results without the need to use Yaeger: all the pages received are reorganized to correctly point one each other. If you want to create a CD-Rom containing the results of your search you just have to copy the search-project folder to your CD and you'll get a fully-functional self-referenced site, with a summary page named 'index.htm'.
Platforms supported:
Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME

Benefits of registration:
Yaeger is distributed as shareware for a limited evaluation time. The shareware version has some limitations: you have message and a delay when it starts, Yaeger registration remainders are randomly inserted in the pages Yaeges retrieves on the net. If you want to use it with no 'frills' and for unlimited time you have to register and you'll have full support from the authors. You can easily register on-line and get a key thet will completely unlock the software.

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