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Valentina Applikation 1.9.8

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July 24 2011


Valentina Applikation 1.9.8


Platforms supported:
Mac OS 9/Classic, Mac OS X

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Valentina Applikation

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MacOSValentina application
Valentina application is
a) a visual browser and editor of database structure
b) a visual browser and editor of database records
c) a scriptable database solution

How often have you said, "I wish I could collect all that information in a database?" If you use MacOS then Valentina is the answer.

Visual Browser and Editor

Using Valentina as a powerful visual database browser and editor, you can quickly create and work with multiple Object-Relational Databases at once. Valentina allows you to design structure of your database using "Inheritance Diagram" and "Relations Diagram".

To browse, edit, search, and sort records Valentina has a Browser with a unique "dynamic layouts", which give you a great freedom for navigating records of related tables without any programming.

Valentina doesn't limit you to work only with numbers and text. You can store any multimedia data (such as QuickTime movies, audio files, or graphics files) through its support of BLOBs (binary large objects).

The current focus of Valentina development is on the database engine and support for various environments. Thus, the Valentina application supports only standard database operations and is not a feature-laden Behemoth like FileMaker Pro.


Using the system level scripting technology of the MacOS, Apple Computer's AppleScript, you can easily build a custom solution to hook your critical, AppleScriptable applications to the fastest database solution on the MacOS. Hook your web server, spreadsheet, email software, accounting or any other scriptable application to Valentina and set your data free of built in storage and speed limitations.

Valentina allows users to create, modify, search, sort and work with multiple, open databases using Applescript, the system level scripting language of Apple Computer's Macintosh operating system. Database designers or anyone skilled at scripting can work with Valentina and any Applescript friendly interface builder, such as FaceSpan or IncWell's SuperCard product.

Using of Valentina as Web-database

There are several ways to employ Valentina as a Web database. Most of them utilize AppleEvents.

1) WebStar + Valentina
2) WebStar + Valentina + OpenForm
3) WebStar + MacPerl + Valentina
4) Frontier + Valentina
5) WebSiphon + Valentina for WebSiphon

Cross-platform, multiple-environment solution

Valentina application is one of many Valentina database technology solutions from Paradigma Software. Valentina solutions exist for PURITY Software's WebSiphon, Macromind's Director, REAL Software's REALbasic, Microsoft Visual C++ and Metrowerks CodeWarrior, and SuperCard with transparent file compatibility between all developer solutions.

System requirements

68020 processor or better, MacOS 7.5 or higher, AppleScript, 2 MB of free RAM (additional 1 MB for each 100,000 database records).