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A FamilyMail Email Program 8.2

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March 27 2008


A FamilyMail Email Program 8.2


FamilyMail is an ultra simple email program dedicated to non-computer users Why FamilyMail?

Do you have parents or relatives that you can't see regularly, and who feel sometimes disconnected from your life? Parents who love watching pictures of your kids? Relatives who like being updated about your life? Then FamilyMail is the solution that you are looking for.

How it works?

Once the PC is on, FamilyMail starts, connects directly to the Internet, downloads the emails, disconnects from the Internet, displays both the emails and the pictures attached, and then switches off the computer after a few minutes of inactivity: everything is automatic!

During the display mode, you can either wait for the automatic display from one page to the other, or accelerate the pace of the display by pressing the Ctrl key manually.

To reply to an email, just start typing on your keyboard directly and it will start the reply mode automatically. To send an answer, you just need to press the same Ctrl key.

Just try it, 30-days free trial.

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