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Chrysanth Mail Manager Academy Edition

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Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP


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October 11 2005


Chrysanth Mail Manager Academy Edition


You've tried blocking repeat offenders. You've probably tried message rules to filter out spam mails by the words they use. But spammers use weird characters you can't even find on your keyboard! Maybe you've tried a junk-email-washer - one of those programs that moves suspicious mail into a "junk email folder". Trouble is, you still have to delete those spam mails.

You probably didn't realize this yet: Stopping all the spams/ junk emails is just a matter of using a good anti-spam product and a couple of mouse clicks!

Chrysanth Mail Manager Academy Edition Features

  • Take charge of your mailbox! View what's in it and clean up all the bad stuff.
  • Automatically identify and delete the spams while they are still at the remote mail server
  • See the difference when you no longer need to download spams!
  • Get notified when your mailbox receives genuine mails or spams.

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    Chrysanth Mail Manager Academy Edition

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