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January 5 2011




e-Campaign is a sophisticated tool e-mail campaigns for companies, ezine publishers, professionals, and mailing lists operators in contact with customers, subscribers, members, and effectively keep. e-campaign is therefore an e-mail application that sends personalized e-mails.

e-campaign, you can personalized HTML / Plain text e-mail messages to send to a group of people using mailing lists, and is capable of automatic bounces handling and opt-out processing.

e-Campaign Highlights include:

  • Connect to Access / Excel and SQL Server with ease

    Perfect global language support:
  • You do not need to understand language settings. Be it European, Japanese, Arabic or Hewbrew, e-Campaign is intelligent enough to find the best appropriate charset and encoding scheme choose for your message. Many competitors' programs do not understand or support International charsets / languages at all, and your messages will tumble if they contain non-English characters. Such a nightmare never happens with e-campaign.

    Support for the latest email standards:
  • MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions), Quoted-Printable, Base64, SMTP authentication, Secure SMTP, and so on. While our competitors use tons diaglog boxes ask you to configure various "options", e-campaign process, these concepts elegantly without you ever noticing. Why do you force yourself to memorize dozens of eccentric terms in order to use a piece of software?

    Send highly personalized e-mails:
  • e-campaign, you can e-mail personalized to each recipient in your mailing list to send aid of variables ("merge fields"), and even allow you to send personalized attachments and images.

  • Additional features
  • Supports popular databases: Access, Excel, SQL Server, etc.
  • Supports sending email via Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Includes bounced email handling and unsubscribe features
  • Fast email delivery (via fast, multi-threaded EMail Delivery Engine)
  • Allows mailing job scheduling
  • Supports major international charsets / encodings and Unicode
  • Supports rich text HTML, text, and multipart messages
  • Supports WYSIWYG HTML message composing
  • Has a built-in SMTP server
  • Supports embedded images in HTML emails
  • Supports personalized file attachments and MIME-encoding
  • Supports HTML background images / sound
  • Supports external SMTP servers and SMTP authentication
  • Supports encrypted SMTP connections (SSL)

    e-campaign requirements:

  • E-mail account
  • Internet Connection

    e-campaign restrictions:

  • Limits the number of messages per mailing job to 50 addresses
  • Adds a "Trial Version" tagline the e-mail
  • Nag Screen

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