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e-Capsule Private Mail USB-U3

OS Support:

Windows 2K / XP / Vista


Publisher Old version


January 2 2011


e-Capsule Private Mail USB-U3


The e-Capsule Private Mail is a series of "zero-footprint" secure e-mail clients with strong (AES256) encryption of mail boxes and Address Books, so that the production, import and management of personal digital certificates for encryption and digital signing E-mails and attachments.

Access to the application and the individual e-mail accounts after a successful registration granted with strong references. Provides POP3, SMTP, S / MIME support, multi-account management, tools for importing messages and address books from Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, secure archiving, rule-based message filtering and Bayesian spam filter. The permanent encryption of mail boxes and address books makes e-Capsule Private Mail invulnerable to viruses and Trojans that use does not automatically replicate or directly operating system vulnerabilities.

Within the e-Capsule Private Mail product family, the USB-U3 version for owners of a U3 Smart device and users for simplicity, security and mobility, the basic requirements are aligned.

With a U3 device you can make your software on the USB flash drive wear that with your files. You can connect to any PC and connect the work requirements without prior installation or special drivers. This means that you take your encrypted mailbox and address book on the street with a U3-enabled USB device and enjoy unbeatable from e-mail security and convenience of any PC.

e-Capsule Private Mail USB-U3 requirements:

  • U3 Smart Drive

    e-Capsule Private Mail USB-U3 limitations:

  • 14-day trial
  • Nag Screen

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