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E Mail Manager

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March 31 2008


E Mail Manager


E-Mail Manager - Mailing List Management Software The Email List Manager is a useful and reliable mailing list management software that allows you to manage your email newsletters or mass email distribution campaigns. You can sort e-mail lists, on the basis of domain name or e-mail addresses, as per your requirements. You can also merge different email list files and create one single file through this email list management tool. Merging different files to create one single file can create duplications, but the email list manager can easily remove these duplications.

This email list management software can also extract e-mail addresses of unsubscribed users from your mail servers. When a subscriber opts out from your mailing list, E-mail Manager can extract the subscriber's address from your email server, and add it to an "unsubscribe" list. Managing e-mail lists is very easy with the graphic user interface of the email list manager.

Here are some key features of "E Mail Manager":

  • Sorts email addresses on the basis of domain or subscriber ids, which helps you organize email subscribers in groups.
  • Merging of different email marketing lists in .txt files to one file is possible, again helping in defining mailing groups.
  • Removes duplicate email address entries from .txt email list files for easy management of your newsletter email lists.
  • Makes a separate list of all unsubscribers for easy integration in your bulk email newsletter sender.
  • The Email List Manager also helps to filter content from your mailing lists; when sending mail through the e-mail sender, one can filter the unsubscribed recipients from the old subscribers list.

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