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March 29 2008


e Wall


eWall is a powerfull SMTP gateway that works with any mail server eWall is a powerfull SMTP gateway that works with any mail server.

eWall supports major antivirus software as well as spam detectors and can be intergated with anything through Windows Scripting Hosting.

eWall is supposed to provide the new unexampled capabilities to your customers. The comprehensive system of nested filters will let you develop the new applications and services.

Here are some key features of "eWall":

  • Supports any RFC-2821 compliant mail server;
  • Easy-to-use Filters Editor will let you create the comprehensive nested filters globally or / and per user / domain;
  • Windows Script Host support allows to create filtering scenarios in your favorite programming language;
  • Various event handlers enable full control on mail transactions;
  • Controls the RFC compliance;
  • Supports the major antivirus software;
  • Transparent for authentication and other specific commands;
  • Detects and blocks the email address harvesters;
  • Contains the high-performance mail processing routines partially written in Assembler were developed specially for eWall;
  • Supports DNS Black Lists and GeoIP (can block the specific countries);
  • Supports Sender Policy Framework (SPF);
  • Supports Black/White lists per account/domain;
  • Supports Paranoid Spam Detector;
  • Can be integrated with popular antispam solution SpamAssassinTM;
  • Activity monitor displays the total and rejected connections as well as amount of deleted emails and transfered data;
  • Extensive log capabilities includes several levels of verbosity and ability to select logging events.

  • 30 days trial

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