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January 25 2011


G-Lock EasyMail


The G-Lock EasyMail was developed to help the people who run and manage mailing lists, newsletters, announcements and updates customer relationships. G-Lock EasyMail is a powerful Group Mailer which sends your message directly from your outbox to the recipient's mail server (without using ISP SMTP server). The program supports multi-threaded Delivery, and so works several times quicker than usual email client.

G-Lock EasyMail is an email utility that helps you send messages individually.

EasyMail gives instant confirmation of delivery by the address before, it sends the dreaded "Mail undeliverable" messages are eliminated, you can get. It can also confirm that your message has been read.

EasyMail allows you to send highly customized messages - including personalized message bodies - mail merge and personalized subject lines. It is an exquisite way to generate new business from existing customers. This is also the most efficient means to make contact with your clients, one, do you bring much joy.

You can also send HTML messages and apply the same customizations to them. Any local images in the HTML message is used are also included, so that your recipient will get the entire message! One of the new features is a voice-mail system that supports a wide range of compression formats is for you to record in.

The recording can be played automatically when you open the e-mail or attachment. Another new feature is the auto zip attachment. All you need to do is attach the file you want and choose when you drag and drop them into the zip attachment window, zips EasyMail auto your files to a Zip archive and saves send and receive time.

G-Lock EasyMail also supports Socks 4, Socks5 and HTTP Connect proxy protocols, you can use it in your Local Area Network (LAN). EasyMail ensures faster, safer and easy to control mail delivery, and thus it helps to save you time and money!

G-Lock EasyMail main features:

  • Fast multi-threaded direct delivery working much faster than a regular email client. Note that the speed depends mainly on the user's intent and content traffic.
  • Self-sufficient SMTP relay to send your message directly from the recipient's mail server (without using your ISP's SMTP server)
  • Opportunity to use an external SMTP server for forwarding
  • Mail merge capabilities. You can send a very personal message to the members of the whole group in your address book, the software generates a customized email to each recipient.
  • Controlled and safe delivery. Now you immediately by e-mail address verification. (EasyMail gives instant feedback on every message sent)
  • Allowed to delivery and read receipt
  • Full HTML support
  • Compression of all attached files in a ZIP archive
  • Supports multiple templates and signatures
  • Easy-to-use Address Book with groups and an alphabetical
  • Send Manager for automated storing of delivered messages and management of outbound e-mails.
  • Multilingual spell checker

    G-Lock EasyMail requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  • TCP protocol installed

    G-Lock EasyMail limitations:

  • Unable to create group e-mails
  • Can not send an e-mail senders of 2
  • Nag Screen

    What is new in G-Lock EasyMail:

  • Added: "Add New Account" and "Open Address Book" options to edit the message screen.
  • Changed the "Create New Group" and "Edit Group screens in your address book.
  • The "sleep regularly while sending for xx sec. After processing xx messages" from the delivery settings moved to the "Send Message" screen.

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