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G-Lock EasyMail Professional

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January 27 2011


G-Lock EasyMail Professional


Marketeers and eCrm experts agree that personalized messages get better response rates than "mass-produced" messages.

EasyMail Pro makes this easy, so unique message content and subject lines via its powerful mail-merge function.

EasyMail Pro unmistakable voice mail function, you can also add audio content to your messages. Support a wide range of compression formats, you can begin to play the recording even if the mail is opened.

HTML and Multi part (MIME) message capability support lets you text, HTML format, attachments and use Embedded Objects to your mails which are visible, regardless of the type of mail client.

The spell check function supports more than 12 languages, so that you are your mails are sent correctly.

You can also better control over sent messages. Instant email verification significantly reducing undeliverable rates, and you can know even a confirmation message when you have your messages read

With EasyMail Pro, you can e-mail directly from your PC to the recipient of the e-mail server. This relieves your e-mail server, and coupled with its fast multi-thread delivery method, makes EasyMail Professional much faster than the usual e-mail client.

EasyMail Pro also allows you to easily manage your mailing lists, supporting various import / export.

In addition, the Professional edition of EasyMail you are in full control of the Address Book fields, with the ability to switch to add or remove custom fields as well as standard fields.

You can automate message sending with planning dates. The Professional Edition, you can also e-mail from HTML, Lotus 1-2-3, XML, MS Access files, and ODBC database import.

G-Lock EasyMail Professional main features:

  • Fast multi-threaded direct delivery working much faster than a regular email client. Note that the speed depends mainly on the user's intent and content traffic.
  • Self-sufficient SMTP relay to send your message directly from the recipient's mail server (without using your ISP's SMTP server)
  • Opportunity to use an external SMTP server for forwarding
  • Mail merge capabilities. You can send a very personal message to the members of the whole group in your address book, the software generates a customized email to each recipient.
  • Controlled and safe delivery. Now you immediately by e-mail address verification. (EasyMail gives instant feedback on every message sent)
  • Allowed to delivery and read receipt
  • Full HTML support
  • Compression of all attached files in a ZIP archive
  • Supports multiple templates and signatures
  • Easy-to-use Address Book with groups and an alphabetical
  • Send Manager for automated

    G-Lock EasyMail Professional requirements:

  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  • TCP protocol installed

    G-Lock EasyMail Professional limitations:

  • You can store up to 100 messages to the standard group with the demo version.

    What is new in G-Lock EasyMail Professional:

  • Added: "Add New Account" and "Open Address Book" options to edit the message screen.
  • Changed the "Create New Group" and "Edit Group screens in your address book.
  • The "sleep regularly while sending for xx sec. After processing xx messages" from the delivery settings moved to the "Send Message" screen.

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