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S Mail 2.0

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January 27 2011


S Mail 2.0


S-Mail server can work as a complete mailing system for your company that requires all internal (within organization, Intra Office) and external (Internet) by e-mail. It is built with a series of power-packed features and is fully customizable to various organizational measures.

S-Mail server includes a seamless connection to proprietary e-mail systems like Lotus, cc: Mail, MSMail, MS Exchange, Novell GroupWise, and others. This allows the organization and the user a very important election - that a continuation of the existing system, and client-interface that they are comfortable with or on the open Internet standard that is increasingly popular and migrate feature rich e-mail client software.

With power packed features of the S-Mail server, you can now have a copy of all incoming e-mail and outgoing e-mails to the admin or another mail box.

This ensures that your employees are not using your office infrastructure for their personal needs, and also keeps a track of all e-mail communications. With various safety features, you can control each e-mail back and forth your organization if you want.

S-Mail server also provides full proxy server. Which, let's keep control of how the Internet who can in your organization and for how long.

S-Mail server is very easy to install and configure. S Mail doesn't require a special computer and you can install on any computer entry level in less than 5 minutes.

S Mail restrictions:

  • 3 user restrictions

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