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Gygan Beta

OS Support:

Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7


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February 22 2011


Gygan Beta


Gygan has the features you need to easily upload, download, manage and share your videos, photos, audio files, documents, or just about anything.

Gygan is ideal for sharing large HD videos and hi-res photos with your friends and family or to distribute software to your customers, partners and customers.

With Gygan you can simply take your files with your friends!

Gygan main features:

Free Upload:

  • Upload unlimited files for FREE. All accounts upload unlimited.
    Free Download:
  • 4 GB of free downloads and a free refill every month, or for premium upgrade.
    Unlimited file size:
  • Find any file size. Large HD home video files or high resolution photos.
    Each type of file:
  • Upload and download videos, photos, music and documents.
    Public or private:
  • Share your files with everyone, or privately upload and share with the people you want.
  • Create and subscribe to content feeds. Download video feeds, and much more.
    Unlimited Storage:
  • Upload thousands of files, or invite you. You never run out of storage space. Uploading is free!
    Unlimited Speed:
  • Maximum download speeds guaranteed! Both free and paid users receive maximum bandwidth.

    Gygan limitations:

  • 4 GB / month limit for downloads

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