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P2P Posse 2.0 Build 2010.0408

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February 22 2011


P2P Posse 2.0 Build 2010.0408


P2P Posse is the only network file-sharing application that has all this: Private, full SSL encryption, easy, intermediate and advanced user authentication, P2PBot auto-download, Easy Setup, chat.

P2P Posse main features:

HTTP Port:

  • P2P Posse will serve has a built-in mini web server, a who's sharing website, under the specified port. Port 0 Port is off 80 of the standard web port and port 8080 is a good choice for those who already have a web server.

    User File:
  • Username and password that you to allow users a unique user name and password. This file is a simple text file that contains a row for each user.

  • Website authentication is the advanced authentication method. It allows you to P2P Posse to an existing website for members only, such as paying a website integrated. Just enter a URL in a password-protected Web page. P2P Posse test to see your user login, whether they work given to the protected web page. If they work, the user is allowed to file sharing on your network!

    DynDNS Support:
  • P2P Posse has a built in DynDNS Updater client. DynDNS is a free service, Domain Names provides for those with dynamic IP addresses. You can register a domain name as and your users will use the address to reach your network.

    P2P Posse limitations:

  • It will not download while unattended for more than five minutes
  • It will also remind you to purchase your copy periodically

    What's new in P2P Posse:

    Easier setup for regular users:

  • The host user can now "key" files. Regular users drop the key file on the Basic Setup screen and it will automatically setup!

  • P2PBot invites for you automatically when a peer connection is established. Just turn it on P2PBot and leave.

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