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UltraBooster UT 1.8.0

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January 5 2011


UltraBooster UT 1.8.0


UT is an ultra booster designed add-on for uTorrent, to increase your download speed. If your file-sharing client love then you will definitely love his hasty brother!

It's like uTorrent main functions of an additional fuel - ultra booster technology makes it possible to improve your search and slow down the speed of your downloads by preventing traffic and generally using your Internet connection to work on the highest potential.

Everything you need to do is to install ultra booster UT (considering that you already uTorrent client is installed) and let it go unnoticed in the background, as it integrated to your P2P client immediately, without additional effort overall by you or a skill needed - it takes extraordinary bit of both your space and your resources.

The program can be just window gives you access to its simple functions to perform any - start and stop program, run stop, - but also presents useful information about the download process: bytes you send and receive, the interval of the download speed , the type of Internet connection, information about the network interface.

ultra booster UT main features:

  • Clear, easy to use interface
  • Paused downloads automatically resumed
  • Last run configuration is stored automatically loaded on start-up
  • Complete and wrong files are removed automatically
  • Improved searching at user-specified intervals

    ultra UT booster requirements:

  • uTorrent
  • Internet connection

    What's new in ultra booster UT:

  • Improved algorithms, bugs fixed.

    Reasons why this program is marked as an ad-supported:

  • Offers to download or install software or components (Download Toolbar Energy) that do not need the program to fully functional

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