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CDBF for Windows 2.99.02

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January 8 2010


CDBF for Windows 2.99.02


CDBF for Windows - View, edit and repair the DBF database files, create reports, export data
CDBF for Windows offers you a console program created for viewing and editing the DBF database files. CDBF for Windows features support for all kinds of memo fields (dBaseIII, dBaseIV, FoxPro and Visual FoxPro) and the ability to export data to a variety of formats (DBF, plain text, SQL server script, Clipper and FoxPro source file).

The program can repair corrupt database file headers and a built-in hexadecimal editor can be used for editing them. Flexible system of keyboard shortcuts helps to save time usually spent on performing various routine and repeated tasks.

Among other features is the ability to create new CDBF files and append information from various sources (including DBF and plain text files) to the existing ones, support for two character sets (ANSI and OEM), list of frequently used files, customizable field headers, search and replace functions and more.

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