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UB-92 Fill & Print 4.1

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July 16 2009


UB-92 Fill & Print 4.1


A tool whcih allows you to fill out and print UB-92 forms from your PC
Filling out UB-92 forms is a difficult and time consuming process, even when done on a computer with one of the generic form filling programs.

Because none of these programs offer features specific to the UB-92, completing the form can take just as long on the computer as it does by hand. Complicating matters further is the fact that the UB-92 form does not come with instructions on how to fill it in.

Given these problems, if you are a newcomer to the medical billing field, it is often a better idea to pay someone else to complete the forms.

This is expensive, and opens up your confidential patient data to a third party.
UB-92 Fill & Print is an application created to help you to work around these issues by offering impressive features that no other form filling program can match.

Main features of UB-92 Fill & Print:

  • Instructions for filling out each field on the form
  • Automatic fill-in of repetitive data that had previously needed to be typed over and over again
  • Save and load form data to and from a built-in database, for record keeping purposes
  • Simple interface that even novice computer users can work with on their first try
  • Confidential patient information is restricted to your eyes only
  • Export form data to XML, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel for maximum compatibility
  • In-program suggestion box enables easy communication with the development team at all times
  • Adjusts to any printer alignment with just a few clicks.

    Limitations of UB-92 Fill & Print:

  • 7 days trial
  • nag screen

    What's New in This Release:

  • A simple interface with Help boxes for ease of use and learning that act as a tutorial on how to fill out each field
  • Save and load claims from your hard drive
  • Create templates for speed of completion and to eliminate repetition
  • Print on pre-purchased forms
  • Print the entire form in either color or black & white
  • Printer Alignment that calibrates the form with your printer
  • AutoFill for repetitive transactions Rows 1-22
  • Free copy of the old UB-92 software for the pre-NPI version (click for info)
  • One time fee, no subscription or update charges

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