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February 6 2007

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Description is the newest recipe website on the internet. Always one step ahead of the game, FYIT incorporates many of the advanced features from ERM into the web version of the Electronic Recipe Manager (ERM)! not only allows it's members to add their own recipes to the central public database, but it allows users to create an account - which allows them to do more advanced things like save a cabinet list of on-hand items and cross reference it with the ingredients of the recipes they are browsing to see if they have everything on hand to make the given recipes!

Another cool feature is the voting/rating system that allows users to vote on recipes based on both taste and difficulty! This allows the users to control what recipes are considered "favorites", "best tasting" and "easiest to make". The rating system causes the pages built from the user input to be constantly changing with new recipes! is up and running now, but FYIT is also working on enhancing the system to create recipe groups and build the Itemized Shopping List© from this group of recipes. Resizing and printing shopping lists are also in the works!

So, join now and be one of the first members! is brand new and sure to be a hit!

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