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February 22 2011




m2ftp is a so called FTP client - a software that can be used to establish a connection to an FTP server. m2ftp can be used to load and easy and manage data files and folders without requiring users to know how FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Therefore, this application to be a useful tool for all end users who want to maintain their own web page on the web space offered by the ISP.

m2ftp main features:

  • m2ftp includes all the features of a traditional FTP client - convenient management of files and directories on the web space from your ISP available: Delete, Rename, copy, create, login administration, etc.
  • Easy to make a connection between the home PC and FTP Server
  • Select all data and files on home PC and FTP server is
  • Drag and drop files and directories, moving them in-between local systems and FTP server
  • Simultaneous transmission of multiple files
  • Management of any number of FTP servers
  • User interface with detailed information (transmission time, speed, etc.)
  • Multiple-choice provided in the directory structure
  • Windows Explorer interface for intuitive user guidance
  • are all necessary tools for uploading and downloading made available within an Explorer interface
  • All FTP accounts can be exported and imported
  • Applicable to individual users or set up Web
  • Binary and ASCII transfer mode
  • Support for passive transfer
  • Support for anonymous FTP
  • Review specific log files and minutes of meetings (processes, orders, server responses, etc.)

    m2ftp requirements:

  • RAM: 15 MB
  • Screen resolution 800x600, 256 colors or more

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