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U-Wipe 2.8

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September 27 2009


U-Wipe 2.8


Automatically clean all your PC tracks and block popup windows.
No matter where you surf, what are you doing at your PC or who you share it with: nobody will know what you are doing on your PC or find out where you have been.

U-Wipe cleans all your online activities, such as IE browser's cache, history, recent document list, cookies, auto complete forms and other tracks. U-Wipe lets you clean tracks in MS Windows and MS Office, such as temporary files, MRU lists, last logon user name, file removal from contextual menu and much more.

U-Wipe has an additional pop up killer feature for blocking and quickly closing all annoying pop up windows and pop up ads before they load on your PC.

If anyone suddenly comes up behind you and sees that you are looking at an XXX-site, the additional "Boss Key" feature has been added to hide all IE Windows without showing them in the Windows Task Manager, using Alt+Space hot keys.

An additional "Spy proxy removing" feature detects and removes spy
proxy, that automatically sits in your system register while you surf. U-Wipe restores your system's defaults with just one click.

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