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V-Scan 2.0

OS Support:

Windows XP


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September 26 2009


V-Scan 2.0


V-Scan - Nice, Clean, Fast, and easy to use virus scanner, with more features to come.
This is a nice, clean, and easy to use scanner that scans and deletes a list of worms, trojans, and virus's.

How To Use
Simply click "Scan" and it scans the list of virus's that is already in the program and if they exist, the application deletes them.

Aquatic Studios and the creator of this program is not responsible for anything that this program may cause, though it is highly unlikely anything bad will happen to your computer from the use of this program, anything that does happen, I take no blame. ALWAYS use the latest version, the early versions may have some bugs that were fixed in the later versions.

NOTE: The early version's may have bug's that could, in theory, hurt your computer in someway.

What's New in This Release:

  • Enhanced and cleaned list.
  • Added definitions.
  • No more setups.

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