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November 16 2004


I Ching


I Ching, or the Book of Changes or "Bible of Changes" is one of the most ancient books in China. (I may want to translate the words I Ching to "Bible of Changes", because in the ancient China, there were 4 books and 5 Chings -- I Ching is one of them, which every literary people had to study. Chinese people call the Christian Bible "Shen Ching", the Buddhist Bible "Fou Ching", therefore I may want to translate I Ching to Bible of Changes, but since every one else translates it to the Book of Changes, I will stick to the general practice). This book contains much wisdom spoken by the Chinese prophets, who have, after observing the changes in our universe for thousands of years, come to certain conclusions about the events occurring in our daily lives.

I Ching Main Features:

  • a divinatory art, allowing you to find solutions to any problem you may encounter
  • This art may also offer a means to avoid experiencing a problem in the first place
  • one of the most ancient books in China
  • 4 books and 5 Chings

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