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VITO Remote 4.3

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February 20 2008


VITO Remote 4.3



VITO Remote turns your Pocket PC into all-in-one InfraRED remote control to operate TV, VCR and other home and office equipment. It comprises both functionality and usability, providing the highest performance and most comprehensive features compared to analogous applications in the PocketPC software market.

With CCF files support you can download settings for your equipment from the internet, and even use the original remote controls' interface!

It helps you to keep all your remote controls inside of one handheld device!

Control all your home electronics using just your PocketPC with VITO Remote
  • ease of use and functionality

    VITO Remote supports Consumer IR format and works with majority of home and office equipment. It includes over 50 pre-defined remote controls for popular TVs and VCRs. You can add your own device by training VITO Remote with original remote control.

    The program is based on our proprietary Infrared Engine, reliable and stable IR port driver for ARM and XScale based Pocket PC. The beaming range varies from 2 to 8 meters and depends on hardware features of each Pocket PC.

  • VITO Remote supports customizable interfaces and backgrounds
  • customizable graphic interface

    Create your own on-screen interface, make it comfortable and stylish!

    With built-in skin editor you are able to create and customize on-screen buttons, choose shapes and lables, change colors and set background pictures, bind sounds and more. Simply make it the way you want it to look!

  • VITO Remote can be trained using your regular remote control
  • easy to train and configure

    To learn a signal from original remote control place your handheld and the remote control on a table, facing each other, with about 2-5 inches (5-12cm) in-between. The infrared ports of each device must be facing each other. Switch to edit mode and train each on-screen button with corresponding button on remote control.

    VITO Remote will record all acquired commands and store them in created interface. You will be able to share created remotes with your friends or download their remotes to use on your Pocket PC!

  • Windows for Pocket PC 2003 compatible
  • customizable hardware buttons
    you can map on-screen buttons to hardware buttons of your Pocket PC to operate your equipment without switching to VITO Remote or working with backlight off.
  • macros support
    assign a sequence of signals to one button and apply it with just a single tap! (e.g., Turn ON > Switch to CH 128 > Record)
  • "rotate buttons" option
    extremely useful for Toshiba e740/e750 and other devices that have Infrared port on the side!

  • Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition support
  • New full-screen interface
  • XScale PXA27X processors support
  • Better performance with pocketLOOX 720 (Windows Mobile 2003 SE)

    - ARM or XScale based Pocket PC
    - Operating System Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003

    Compatible handhelds:

    Acer n20
    Audiovox Maestro PDA1032
    Audiovox Thera
    Dell Axim X5
    Fujitsu Siemens Loox
    HP Jornada 560 Series
    iPAQ h1910/h1920
    iPAQ h2210/h2215
    iPAQ h3100/h3600/h3700 series
    iPAQ h3100/h3600/h3700 series
    iPAQ h3900 series
    iPAQ h5450/h5500/h5100
    NEC MobilePro P300
    Qtek 1010
    Qtek 7070
    PocketLOOX 720
    RoverPC P3
    RoverPC P5
    RoverPC P6
    Samsung i700
    Siemens / AT&T Wireless SX56
    T-Mobile Phone Edition
    Toshiba e350/355
    Toshiba e550G
    Toshiba E570
    Toshiba e740
    Toshiba e750/755
    Toshiba e800
    Toshiba Genio-e
    ViewSonic V35
    ViewSonic V37

    Note.Other Pocket PC devices not included into the list may be compatible with VITO Remote. Please check compatability issues yourself.

    Current version of VITO Remote requires your registration key to be re-entered. If you have lost your registration info, please contact

    Platforms supported:
    Win CE / Pocket PC

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