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Y2K Guaranteed Events Report The most recent available on site

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February 20 2008


Y2K Guaranteed Events Report The most recent available on site


Only here will you get the straight-talking list of guaranteed-to-happen Y2K related events... The messy Year 2000 Problems you want to know before they happen... in 1999! The places you do not want to be... in 1999! It is About Time you had some answers and knew what to expext. All around you people are guessing and saying things about the problems with the Year 2000 bug... Finally you will learn what events will -absolutely- take place. Here is the big surprise: Even if Y2K is ho-hum boring with NO computer failures at all, these events will happen. And happen big time. No doubt about it. ************************************************ You will learn: What to watch for this year to avoid being swept up with the crowds. What Items will vanish from stores as the days go by - and the list may surprise you. What you must think about if you or someone you know has diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, other impaired organ function, or any chronic health problem requiring regular medication. What requests will be made of the medical profession, including veterinarians, obstetricans, and midwives - and who will make them. Exactly what will plague the banks, savings & loans, and credit unions. What the warning signs are. What their 'spin' on the problem will be (Who gets the Blame). Scams and frauds to avoid. There are new ones all the time and old ones get recycled. Who is profiting? What companies are having a booming business and why they can't expand to meet the demand. Who will come crawling out of the woodwork and how they will try to prey on you. How to think about these guaranteed events, and the other less definite possibilities, to reduce your stress and fear. You can even help others adopt a better attitude. What government agencies are wrestling with and how it will effect you and their employees. What your state and federal / country government is considering doing (or already has made plans for) in December. And what military groups will be practicing as the year progresses. The Real Estate market response to all of this. The stock market guarantee. What will happen and what it will do to business, IRAs, 401k, and other retirement plans. Why some people say 'No problem'. Why others are insisting 'Big problem' - that there will be major, big-time, maxed-out, long term disaster What silly things people are worried about that you will be able to ignore or debunk when you hear them. Why there will be fires and where the 'social unrest ' is determined to show up. What you can do to evaluate the risks and keep you, your family, your house, car, boat, plane and other investments safer than they are now. ************************************************* You need solid facts! These are not predictions about favorite movie stars or horoscope generalizations. The guaranteed events are based on statistics, probability, psychology, surveys, congressional testimony, history, and expert knowledge. There is no getting around it, these events will be unsettling to many unsuspecting, hardworking, trusting folks. Learning about them early can give you a better chance at keeping or increasing your comfort and security, earn you respect for your knowledge, and appreciation for your wise advice. Learning of them on the evening news will be chilling... You need this now!! Get this information now before you catch the news 2-3 weeks from now and you want to kick yourself. Why do I say 2-3 weeks? Because some events started forming in December, 1998, others became limited circulation news in June and will be national news in November or December. The rule is - you will not know the hour or the day, but you will have a lot more troubles if you wait. You want to be ahead of the crowd! Are you one of the trusting lemmings waiting for the crowd to drag you along? Are you an Ostrich with your head in the sand? I doubt it, you would not have read this far. Click and order now! Guaranteed or your money back. Time is running out
Platforms supported:
Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Mac OS 9/Classic, Platform independent, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows ME, Mac OS X

Benefits of registration:
Upon ordering you receive the URL of the hidden pages including the report, FAQ, and links, plus access to bonus reports and email alerts. This is your chance to remove the doubts and learn more than the average person knows. Guaranteed.

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Y2k Guaranteed Events Report The Most Recent Available On Site

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