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DJ Cronnor 2.10

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January 20 2011


DJ Cronnor 2.10


Cronnor DJ is a DJ-tool for a hybrid analog / digital-equipped club. It contains a fully functional dual deck mp3/ogg-player complete with pitching and some effects, and it has a library system for use in a bar

DJCronnor is made without a mouse can be controlled, controlled, 100% keyboard with your conventional analogue mixer with old-style analog knobs and faders can be used to quickly have no-nonsense control over the volume and EQ in the traditional way

DJ Cronnor is not a toy show (semi automatic) beatmixing with nice graphical animations (like most DJ software). Also, because you do not need the mouse, you can actually use it in real life situations.

DJ Cronnor is not designed for everyday without an analog mixer for all - there is zero volume control in software (because you do not need them if you have a mixer). So remember: DJCronnor is used with a mixer, and without a mouse.

DJ Cronnor main features:

  • to play. aac,. ogg,. mp3,. wav or. AIFF files
  • Seeking simple (just start on) and fast through your files
  • Search for last added files (such as "Date: 30 ')
  • DJ's: one with numbers that could play staple
  • for the bar: a playlist system you can create drag-and-drop
  • ASIO or Direct Sound drivers for low latency
  • Beat mixture with Pitch Control and scrub-control keys
  • 5 small built-in audio effects like a flanger, comb filter, Ring Modulator and more
  • Creating a SQL query with two tables with all titles and tracks
  • 3 invisible scrolling levels, front / rear, depending on the button length (a few milliseconds - a few seconds - 15 seconds)
  • Read MIDI input from light controller
  • generate DMX for Entec OpenDMX USB speakers
  • Lightweight (only needed about 5 30 MB internal memory), so you can run on very old computers
  • contains an embedded web server 'CronnorCaster "you are looking for download and play, and can (through a streaming Flash player included) Title

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