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January 4 2011


Description is a service to know what music you will keep listening, and then create a large number of features specifically for you.

You can listen to music, where artists can about how other people with similar music taste, gigs in your area, charts and quilts for your personal site, and much more.

Listening a song is, when you hear it, send the name of the songs on and added to your music profile.

Once you have logged in and downloaded, you can scrobble songs you hear on your computer or iPod automatically. Start scrobbling yourself, and see what you really hear artists, most of them. Songs you hear on your profile page for others seem to see.

Millions of songs scrobbled every day. This data helps to organize and recommend music to people who we use to create personalized radio stations and much more.

View Download for your computer and edit tags, send recommendations to your friends. Create your own stations and tune into personalized radio: no naff DJs, no annoying advertising, only music that you love.

With on your computer, though (?) And share your tracks, you can scrobble your music, listen to personalized radio streams, and discover new music and people.

Also, if you use Skype, you can set your Skype mood message to the song you are listening to.

Plugins & Extras

Plugins for other media players:
• If you contact a media player is not currently supported, please check here for a complete list of third-party plug-ins (including amaroK for Linux).

scrobble · Plugin for iPod:
Sync your iPod recently played tracks to, Mac users are served by the excellent iScrobbler, Windows users should check out iSproggler.

· for Skype (Windows)
Tune into radio with Skype, and share your music taste with your Skype contacts. Just enable the mood message, and your friends will see what you're listening to now track. Download the plugin.

• Data feeds
For a complete list of all our data feeds to your music profile data, social data and data feeds Audioscrobbler.

Audioscrobbler plugin
These plugins are schoole Ye Olde and supported. This only if your platform is not supported by the main downloads.Download Plugin for:
· Yahoo! Launchcast
· Yahoo! Music Engine
· Winamp
• Windows Media Player
· ITunes
· Foobar2000 0.9
· J River Media Center
· MP3Toys our customers built
· Album Player built on our customers requirements:

  • online account

    What's new in

  • Add information about the sender changes
  • Add "My Mix Radio Radio
  • More iTunes fixes - hopefully stop any crash
  • Some prep update for a new major version

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  • Listen to music, find out about artists you may like, other people with similar music taste, gigs in your local area, and more is a service that will keep track of what music you listen to, and then create a large number of features...

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