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A Cool File Bay - SuperFileBase

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August 27 2006


A Cool File Bay - SuperFileBase


SuperFileBase is a powerful file manager, You may use it to collect, categorize any types of files and then you can add descriptions to the files and find quickly what you need in the file library. These features are very helpful for almost everyone, with SuperFileBase you can manage downloaded programs and attach electronic labels to them(record description to each file), also it can help specialists or researchers to categorize the documents, essays gathered from Internet or other sources so as they can both accumulate a great deal of electronic data and keep tidy the documents and the file system . SuperFileBase separates user's files from the system ones, so as to avoids unconscious damaging to the system file, lets the user concentrate on his own business. SuperFileBase is much more than your basic file management utility. Integrated into SuperFileBase's easy to use interface are: by making descriptions to files,lets you no longer worry about forgetting what a program can do or a document says; a sophist

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A Cool File Bay

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