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A Day on the Farm (1- 4 years)

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July 29 2011


A Day on the Farm (1- 4 years)


This EduGames software is perfect for children aged up to four. And if your child is new to computers, the software has an EasyClick option that makes it easy for him or her to get started !

30 interactive games and activities based on the classic Farm theme.
- Colors (colours), shapes, animal nnames and sounds
- Farm animals and their environment
- The concepts of space and time
- Sorting and organizing
- Number recoginition...

The educational aim of this software

With your help, and in Boowa & Kwala's company, your child will have a wonderful time learning through play in our carefully crafted early-learning environment. Each beautifully illustrated title in the collection ("A Day On the Farm", "A Day at the Circus"...) is built around a situation that small children feel comfortable with.
Children build an understanding of the world around them through play and active participation in structured activities. Interactive play offers a fun way to explore the world and develop all-important sensory, motor, emotional and intellectual skills. Multimedia develops observation, memory and analysis and opens up the magical world of imagination and learning... This software is designed to awaken the curiosity of your child and provides a carefully crafted early-learning environment that will help your child to explore, understand and interact with the world around him/her. And your child will be in control. S/he will be able to move forward at his/her own rhythm whilst enjoying every moment. Getting to grips with the computer has never been this easy, nor this much fun.

A positive approach

Boowa & Kwala games and activities are designed to be non-competitive and non-violent.
We also try to encourage an attitude of : "Getting it right is great. But getting it wrong is okay too." The animations that follow a correct answer are a whole lot of fun. The animations that follow an incorrect answer are fun too. They are designed to take the drama out of the situation, and encourage rather than criticize.

And most important of all, you will enjoy many precious shared moments with your child.

"I really did have as much fun as Louis. I even learned that a squab is a baby pigeon. Incredible !!!" Isabelle, Montpellier

"We are all still chuckling about Kwala's nap in the hay. Anna now says "lalalalalala" whenever she gets sleepy, just like Kwala !" Alan, London

"Arthur was already a HUGE Boowa & Kwala fan, but this takes the biscuit ! Parts of it are just like a cartoon. His favorite game is "Who is my Mom". He can spend hours watching the Baby Animals over and over. It's GREAT !" Genevi ve, Belgium

"Thanks ! My son spends many happy hours with these games !" Glenda, Texas U.S.A

"Even if for an , using pot luck to find a cow hiding behind a door seems all too simple, a child will find it stimulating and fun... A different animal appears with every mistake ! And no-one cares whether they find the cow or not. That's what makes this game so fun ! " Denys Lamontagne, Thot (Canadian Newspaper)

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