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B s Recorder GOLD8 BASIC + 15 off B s CLiP6

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February 20 2008


B s Recorder GOLD8 BASIC + 15 off B s CLiP6


Use your drive to its full potential with both B's Recorder GOLD8 BASIC and B's CLiP6. You can create a variety of CDs/DVDs with GOLD8 BASIC8, e.g. data, audio, video and HighMAT discs, back up your hard drive, rip audio CDs, convert MPEG files and more. It also includes audio player-software. B's CLiP6 packet-writing software allows you to write data onto rewritable CDs and DVDs as easily as using a floppy or ZIP disc by simply dragging and dropping files from the Explorer directly to the disc.

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B S Recorder Gold8 Basic + 15 Off B S Clip6

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