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WebToGo Mobile Internet for laptops 1.0

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February 20 2008


WebToGo Mobile Internet for laptops 1.0


Laptops offer freedom and mobility. Unfortunately they are still seen as stationary devices when it comes to Internet services, as network configuration and roaming problems, paired with slow download speeds and significant connection costs have put off users. WebToGo addresses all these issues directly with its new software:

WebToGo offers a plug-and-play connection for laptops to wireless modems and mobile phones. The patent-pending connectivity assistant automatically detects hardware and network characteristics and configures the best available network connection. Uniquely, connectivity is also assured abroad: The assistant presents the user with a choice of his connectivity options, is aware of GPRS roaming partners and locally available dial-in numbers. It also offers a fall-back option, to assure connectivity world-wide wherever there is GSM network coverage.

To increase the speed and reduce the cost of web surfing, WebToGo Mobile Internet for Laptops comes with an integrated high speed optimisation server. The image and HTML compression, individually set by the user, typically doubles surfing speed and halves cost. The server also enables access to large Word and PDF files, converting such documents into HTML and displaying the content in the browser. The transformation is done dynamically and does not require any user input, but gives the option to browse page by page. As a result, content that could previously simply not realistically be accessed via a mobile connection, is now available for viewing within seconds. A typical document is compressed to 20% of the original data volume. Abroad, the choice of automatic configuration of local dial-in numbers will greatly reduce the user's mobile phone bill as well as providing a reliable alternative to GPRS roaming.

A statistics monitor and tariff calculator help to monitor and control connection costs as well as evaluating the true speed of the connection.

WebToGo is available for MS Windows XP and Windows 2000 laptops and is compatible with over 80 mobile phones and over 160 networks world-wide. The software works with PCMCIA-Card GSM/GPRS modems as well as data-enabled GSM phones via Bluetooth, cable and infrared connections to the Laptop.

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