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G-WAN 1.1.2

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January 6 2011


G-WAN 1.1.2


G-WAN is a web server, with a small footprint (50 KB). It supports GET, HEAD, POST, PUT, DELETE and OPTIONS, conditional requirements and directory listings. G-WAN is also provably secure (speed is a side effect of good design).

G-C-WAN Servlets (you just Edit and Play ") are as fast as static content (you can benchmark" hello.c "servlet for a PHP, Perl, Java, ASP.Net or equivalent).

Why C is not a "safe" language for the G-WAN Servlets:
Perl, PHP, Java, ASP.Net and G-WAN are written in C, for a reason.
If you already know C, how many languages do you need to learn?
C can be as safe as any other language (see "crash.c" servlet). to understand the best way to G-WAN capabilities is to play with it!

What is new in G-WAN:

  • implements a "Lorenz waterwheel 'inspired logic for scalability and speed
  • Support for real-time updates without any degradation in cache (not updated to stop more G-WAN Session docs / servlet reload)
  • Support for the actual non-play-header field (ETAG companion)
  • different log files are created for each new day to keep files smaller
  • Time offsets in the file access.log time stamp use daylight saving time
  • to short requests received '400 Bad Request 'instead of '404: Not Found "
  • restored support for absolute URIs (disabled due to strict controls).

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