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LabControl 1.1

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April 14 2008


LabControl 1.1


LabControl provides online management options for all the computers in your lab from one central location TekSoft LabControl provides online management options for all the computers in your lab from one central location, and lets you view the state of your lab vith visual icons (realtime).

LabControl gives the power in your hands. With LabControl you can use any PC in your lab just like you are sitting in front of it thanks to the built-in remote admin utility.

But this is just a start. With LabControl you can do any of the following operations on a computer in your lab by just right-clicking on that computer's icon:

  • Transfer/receive files easily using LabControl's built-in Remote File Explorer.
  • Restart/shutdown.
  • View a list of running applications and close all or any running applications.
  • Open chat window to a computer, send and receive messages.
  • Get a screenshot, set IE homepage, run an application, set sond volume.
  • Send a ping message, synchronize date and time.
  • Reset IE homepage (if changed), Clear IE History and recent documents menu. Clear IE cache, cookies and favorites information additionally if you want.
  • Get detailed system information.
  • Change computer policy using built-in handy policy editor: You can hide drives, disable downloads from internet, disable access to registry, system settings and many more with this handy utility. New policy information can be applied to all computers at once.
  • View and change LabControl client software settings from the server side. If you want, you can apply new settings to all client computers at once.
  • Wake-On-LAN : You can send WOL messages to any or all computers in your lab. MAC addresses of the computers are automatically recorded and updated.

    What's New in This Release:
  • Client size reduced. More compact client.
  • Uninstall button added to the client admin menu.
  • Client does not block restart/shutdown operations.
  • Some compatibility issues with 98/Me operating systems resolved (for client).
  • "Help" option added to server main menu.
  • Automatic data file verify/repair added to the server.
  • Server data file extensions changed from "dat" to "dta".

  • Only the first five computers can be controlled and actions for all computers are disabled

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