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LAN Framework 1.0.475

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April 29 2008


LAN Framework 1.0.475


LAN Framework is designed to perform various system management tasks such as network software and hardware inventory LAN Framework is a good choice for common administration tasks with his ease of use and low cost.

LAN Framework is licensed on per installation basis, it enables you to manage unlimited number of PCs in your network without additional fee.

LAN Framework is a program integrated with the Active Directory to view and search objects. LAN Framework allows export of data to text files, spreadsheets or tables, for use in other applications.

LAN Framework is a flexible and efficient tool, designed to perform various system management tasks such as network software and hardware inventory, power, event log, user account, registry management, etc.

You can easily modify existing features or create own solution, using embedded scripting language, in order to customize it to the specific needs of your organization.

Fully customizable open source VBScript code
For advanced users - Using LAN Framework, you can fast and easily create robust and efficient solutions to manage Active Directory and network resources.

If you already use VBScript scripts, simply put them in LANFramework. It is not necessary to make any changes in your code, since program is completely compatible with Windows Script Host (WSH). In addition it contains features which are unavailable in ordinary WSH.

Graphical interface for system scripting
Most scripts require the input data and mapping of results as well. For example, to use the script to collect data from several computers in network, is required the text file containing computer names.

Unfortunately WSH does not have the graphical interface. Usually you can see the output data on the console or the formatted output to the text file, however it is not best way.

LANFramework it is the convenient shell for the scripts executing, that does not have this disadvantage. Unlike traditional usage of a text files or Excel for data mapping, LANFramework has friendly interface with spreadsheets and the built in database.

Here are some key features of "LAN Framework":

  • Software and Hardware inventory
  • Event log management
  • Power management
  • Mailing list
  • Remote Scripting

  • 30 days trial

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