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MediaInfoFetcher 1.2.2

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April 8 2010


MediaInfoFetcher 1.2.2


This is a application/api used to retrive TV and film meta data and rename files
MediaInfoFetcher is a application and a API which can be used to retrieve TV show and movie meta data from Internet sources. This information is then stored locally and can be used to rename media files with the correct title.

Take MediaInfoFetcher for a spin to see what it'a really capable of!

Main features of MediaInfoFetcher:

  • Provides a CLI tool that renames media files with the correct names.
  • Fetches TV Show and meta data from the Internet.
  • Find film posters on the Internet for each film.
  • Allows multiple sources and stores.
  • Caches information in XML.
  • Provides a API for accessing the information.
  • Provides a store that writes Sapphire XML files.
  • Provides a store that saves metadata into MP4/M4V files that iTunes can read.
  • Provides a store that saves metadata for films into a MythTV database.
  • Configurable logging via log4j

    What's New in This Release:

  • Now copes with website changes to some of the source sites.

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