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NonTube Easy Domain 1.20

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February 19 2010


NonTube Easy Domain 1.20


A domain name availability-check tool.
NonTube Easy Domain is an application which allows users to check domain names availability. You can check multiple domain names with one click.

This version supports 77 top level domains such as COM, NET and ORG. Some of the features: 2-char, 3-char, 4-char and multi-char domain check. Domain wizard (related words). Importing text file's words as domain names. Generating domain names by user-defined formulas. 77 TLDs (COM, NET, ORG, etc.) are supported. Full list of supported TLD’s: ac, ag, am, asia, at, au, be, bg, biz, ca, ch, ci, cl, cn, com, de, dk, ee, fr, gd, gg, gi, hk, hn, ie, il, in, info, int, io, ir, is, it, je, jobs, jp, kr, kz, la, li, lt, lu, lv, ly, ma, mobi, net, nl, no, nu, org, pm, pro, re, ru, sc, sg, sh, si, st, tc, tf, tk, tm,,,, travel, tw, ug, us, uz, vc, vg, wf, ws, yt

Main features of NonTube Easy Domain:

  • 2-char, 3-char, 4-char domain check
  • Importing text file’s words as domain names
  • Generating domain names by user-defined formulas

    Limitations of NonTube Easy Domain:

  • you can verify only 100 domains

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