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p2s Peer to Speaker

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April 17 2008


p2s Peer to Speaker


P2P application that enables you to listen to music on demand. Peer to speaker is an easy-to-use, simple and powerful open p2p application that enables you to listen to music on demand.

No more need to mantain an mp3 collection, your collection now is virtually all existent music, and you can access it from any computer connected to internet.

With p2s you can search for an artist, select one from the list, click in one of his albums and start listening to it! is that easy.

Here are some key features of "p2s Peer to Speaker":

  • Audio on Demand: No need to wait for the download to finish, select an album and begin listening to it!
  • Open source: If you are a programmer you can inspect the source code and even modify it
  • Peer to Peer: There is not a central server on the network, so it's almost impossible to shut down p2s. Moreover, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to create a big network filled with content, as the resources are contributed by every user.
  • Multiplatform: Since the program is written in the Java programming language it runs on almost every platform (operative system and cpu architecture), including the major ones (windows, linux, mac OS and solaris).
  • Core/View separation: There is a clean separation between the core of the program and his view. You can even have the two parts of the program running on different machines. For instance you can run the core in a central machine and run the interfaces in other machines. This also permits to write different interfaces without touching the core.
  • Audio fingerprints: P2s uses audio fingerprints to identify tracks using the musicdns service. If a song is encoded using diferent codecs, the resulting mp3 file will be different, but the audio fingerprint won't. Moreover, the web interface uses the musicbrainz database in order to let you select an album in a very clean way.

    it requires the Java Virtual Machine
    macromedia flash player

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    P2s Peer To Speaker

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