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Packet Excalibur 1.0.2

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January 6 2008


Packet Excalibur 1.0.2


A multi-platform graphical and scriptable network packet engine with extensible text based protocol descriptions In short Packet Excalibur is a network tool to built and receive custom packets.

With Packet Excalibur you will be able :

  • to decide packet attributes from physical layer to the top,
  • to sniff and spoof packets (Packet Generator) in a single interface,
  • to build scripts in the gui,
  • to define additional protocols in simple text files.

    What is it useful for:
  • Pen testing firewalls, routers, or any network enable equipment.
  • Validating your custom created protocols without the burden of writting lines of code.
  • Teaching yourself how protocols works and articulates around each other.

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