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Remote Support System 1.7.3

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July 26 2011


Remote Support System 1.7.3


This software package allows you to create a single EXE file, which you can download a client to create your website. If it runs automatically to step back (through firewalls) and allow you to provide remote support. You can now provide support for clients you've never met, transfer files and directories, chat with the client, restart the remote PC with auto-ReConnect, restart the remote PC into safe mode Auto-reconnect.

A customizable invoice for the session is automatically generated and e-mail you and your customers, leading to the immediate payment by credit card. Drawing on the remote screen and paging the remote client, are all available. The download is a live-installer, which will always download the latest version of the program. Remote Support System is a handy application that allows you to remote control any computer on the Internet.

Note: Some antivirus and antispyware programs flag remote support system as infected / malware, although the application is completely safe and not a threat to your system. This is called 'false positive'. The term false positive is used when antivirus software wrongly an innocuous (harmless) file classified as a virus. The incorrect detection may be on heuristics or an incorrect virus signature in a database. [Similar problems can occur with anti-trojan or anti-spyware software.]

Remote Support System Key Features:

  • Tracks session time, even across multiple reboots and timer in the upper right corner of the client PC. No guessing how long you worked.
  • Automatically generates an invoice for the meeting and e-mails to you and back, or the customer upon completion. New in version 1.4, the ability to individually your account and Accept Credit Cards as payment
  • You can logon / logoff the remote user and maintain your connection
  • You can restart the remote PC with auto-login screen again before
  • Restart the remote PC in safe mode with auto-reconnect
  • Remove improve remote users desktop icons and desktop background to performace of remote connection
  • Has its own toolbox, which you can create self-extracting tool that is automatically downloaded and executed with a single click of the remote PC. Great for virus removal or system diagnostic tools
  • Easy Client Setup Wizard if your EXE file easy. Change destination addresses and other options all with a point and click. No coding experience required.
  • Once the session terminates client executable completely removes all files and programs from the client PC, so they can breathe and trust there is no "back doors"
  • For regular customers, you can make an application for clients running the listener component for a session. The client is then automatically delivered to you and control. All with no open ports that could be hacked. Ideal for customers you deal with on a daily basis.
  • Customers are behind a firewall, and connect to you, no problem.

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