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v8 Employee Watcher(TM) Remote

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February 23 2006


v8 Employee Watcher(TM) Remote


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One of the Most Intelligent Computer Monitoring Software offered
ANYWHERE! Simply install it and in seconds your Secretly Monitoring!
Does your mate claim it's just a friend? Find out in less than 24 hours!

Find out EXACTLY what your mate, kids, or employees do on the computer when you're away! Are your Kids unknowingly online chatting with child molesters or predators? Is your Mate cheating on the Internet?

Spousal Example:

Situation: Lately your husband or wife is spending more time on the computer during the day or late at night chatting with so called friends. You simply install our software on the computer when their not home. Then for the next day or two let them chat online as they have been doing. You then go back to the computer and access the password protected hidden data viewer (which only you know how to access) and view EXACTLY EVERYTHING they did on the computer for the last two days. A built-in printing feature lets you print out all the information with the click of one button! Very easy to use. It's the easiest way to monitor any computer!

Only our software records all their:

All Emails (read and composed)
All Chats and Instant Messages
All Keystrokes typed
All Web site visited and any activity performed.
All Passwords entered
All Applications Run
Secretly emails the data to you (remote edition).
and more! Runs totally hidden from the user.

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V8 Employee Watcher

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