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z/Scope Express VT 6.2 Build 127

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January 3 2011


z/Scope Express VT 6.2 Build 127


z/Scope is Cybele Software's Multihost Terminal Emulation for accessing to AS/400, IBM Mainframes and Unix servers.

z/Scope works both as a stand-alone or/and a web-based application. z/Scope supports TN3270E, TN5250E and VT100/420 protocols.

z/Scope Terminal Emulator offers unique PC-to-Host and Web-to-Host solutions that supports built in security. z/Scope provides connectivity to SSL enabled legacy hosts.

z/Scope uses the Internet standard SSL/SSH security protocols as well as TSL security for data encryption to ensure that all z/Scope emulation sessions are secure. Users are thus able to work in a secure and protected environment.

z/Scope features multi-session/multi-connection terminal emulation. Its interface was designed to provide the simplest and quickest access to your hosts.

With z/Scope users and system administrators alike have at their fingertips the most powerful, customizable and easy to use secure terminal emulator for Microsoft Windows available today.

System Administrators can completely replace the traditional, and often difficult to use "green screen" with user friendly web-to-host and desktop-to-host interfaces using the latest in web scripting technologies, bringing your users everything they need.

Thanks to its seamless integration within the Windows environment and the simplicity of its user interface, z/Scope brings savings on training costs and help desk calls.

z/Scope terminal emulation, in its Web-to-Host and Warp editions can be executed from within any ActiveX enabled Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and above, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape.

z/Scope Express VT main features:

  • Support for extended TN3270, TN5250 protocols.
  • Support for VT52,VT100,VT102,VT220,VT320, VT420 and ANSI emulation.
  • Terminal emulation (models 2, 3, 4 and 5), both in normal and extended attributes modes.
  • Terminal emulation support both in 24x80 and 27x132 screen resolutions.
  • Support for SSL 2.0, and 3.0 (Secure Socket Layer Technology) as well as TLS 1.0 (Transport Layer Security) security protocols.
  • Support for SSH1 (Secure Shell), SSH2 security protocols.
  • Integrated printer emulation. z/Scope communicates through standard 3270 and 5250 protocols for display and printer emulations.
  • Open IBM 3812/3287 printer sessions, redirecting them to your local or network printer.
  • SCS (SNA Character String) printer support is included in direct, print-to-file and preview modes.
  • Kermit, X-Modem, Y-Modem and Z-Modem transfers.
  • Full multi-session FTP client integrated into the tabbed interface.
  • IND$FILE for VM/TSO/CICS file transfer support.
  • HLLAPI, EHLLAPI, and WinHLLAPI support.
  • OHIO (Open Host Interface Objects) API support. Macros capabilities through VBScript scripting language and the integrated Active Script debugger.
  • Multi-session/multi-connection terminal emulation capabilities, allowing you to open as many sessions as needed.
  • Multiple emulation modes simultaneously: TN3270, TN5250 and VTxxx.
  • Screen styles management for fonts and color re-mapping over normal and extended attributes.
  • Improved legibility through TN BRIDGE font, well fitted for most terminal and screen resolutions.
  • Enhanced Screen Styles management, including support for 5250 specific attributes.
  • Support for mono-spaced and non-mono-spaced fonts.
  • Enhanced keyboard and mouse functionality.
  • Hotspots enhancements. Now supports the option to define multiple rules within the same Hotspot and the possibility to create new Hotspots contextually from the screen through the Hotspots wizard.
  • User-defined Hotspots that enable point-and-click operations for faster and more intuitive navigation.
  • Enhanced Web Browser compatibility. Includes IE, Mozilla Firefox/Netscape plug-in. Web Update.(Web-to-Host only)
  • Allows thousands of concurrent users from a single host or server farm for optimal scalability.
  • Integration with Microsoft? Office suite. Export text in the emulation display directly to Word or Outlook? applications.
  • Screen History provides convenient one-click access to previously visited screens. Display any particular screen directly by selecting it from the screen thumbnails menu.
  • Keypads are groups of buttons that simulate keyboard keys.
  • Navigators provide a new way to automate navigation sequences.
  • Auto-Fills automatically fill-in one ore more input fields with a simple mouse click.
  • Auto-Suggestion feature to easily reproduce previously typed text with only one click.
  • Dynamic toolbar system to organize Navigators, Auto-Fills, Keypads and Hotspots.
  • Advanced edit options allow you to customize and get full control of copy, cut and paste operations.
  • The Settings interface has been redesigned in a more user-friendly fashion.
  • User-friendly keyboard configuration.
  • International character support, including support for custom ASCII/EBCDIC conversion tables.
  • Collapsible panel for quick access to connections, screen styles and macros.
  • HTML / GUI on the fly.
  • Fully HTML and ASP Customizable.
  • Localization for foreign languages: Available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish Portuguese and Swedish!
  • Web Update so all users have the same version installed.
  • Ability to run both as a stand-alone or web-based emulator.

    z/Scope Express VT requirements:

  • Pentium or compatible PC
  • 16 MB minimum

    z/Scope Express VT limitations:

  • 30 days trial

    What's new in z/Scope Express VT :

  • Keyboard fix for Win 7 OS.

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