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z/Scope Secure Tunnel 6.2.72

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March 18 2010


z/Scope Secure Tunnel 6.2.72


Provides a secure communication infrastructure to allow firewall-friendly client-server communications over the Internet.
z/Scope Secure Tunnel provides you with a secure communication over the Internet, thus allowing firewall-friendly client-server communications.

z/Scope Secure Tunnel allows you to extend the reach of any third-party terminal emulator � (IBM's Personal Communications or Client Access, Attachmate's Extra/Reflection, Netmanage's RUmba, etc), adding the capability to reach the Mainframe without exposing it directly to the Internet, using secure http/s protocol.

Main features of z/Scope Secure Tunnel:

Enhanced Connectivity:

  • You can provide security-enhanced host access for all or selected user connections.
  • You can now extend the terminal emulation access beyond borders of your company, providing a secure firewall-friendly access from any point outside of your net.

  • With z/Scope Secure Tunnel you don't need to expose the Mainframe's telnet port to the Internet; Mainframe critical information is thus protected from unauthorized access and hackers.
  • Only standard http/s ports need to be opened in the firewall, which are already opened in most of installations.
  • There is no need to add permissions for telnet protocol to the firewall, only standard http/s that are already in place.
  • By default, all communications are encrypted, even when not using https.
  • SSL3,TLS1/1.1 can be enabled to provide additional 128/256-bit SSL encryption. z/Scope Secure Tunnel also includes an SSL certificate generator.

    Cost Saving:
  • No need to spend time in training end users on a new solution, or money in another emulation package: z/Scope Secure Tunnel enables your current terminal emulation solution to connect to your host through HTTP/S protocol.
  • As the critical information is better protected and only http/s ports are opened, you can avoid any losses associated with damage caused by information security issues.
  • Easy install and quick set-up.
  • As the application is installed on your own servers, you don't depend on 3rd party servers that could limit your bandwidth or simply be unavailable when you most need it.

    Limitations of z/Scope Secure Tunnel:

  • 30 days trial

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