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z/Scope Secure Tunnel 1.0

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January 19 2011


z/Scope Secure Tunnel 1.0


z / Scope Secure Tunnel allows you to perform secure communications over the Internet, so, so that firewall-friendly client-server communication.

z / Scope Secure Tunnel you can extend the reach of third-party terminal emulator to be extended.

(IBM Personal Communications or Client Access, Attachmate Extra / Reflection, NetManage RUmba, etc.) by the capacity to the mainframe without reaching it directly to the Internet using secure HTTP / S protocol.

z / Scope Secure Tunnel main features:

Enhanced connectivity:

  • You can host access with enhanced security provide for all or selected user connections.
  • You can now extend the terminal emulation access beyond the boundaries of your business, a secure firewall-friendly access from any point outside of the network.

  • With z / Scope Secure Tunnel you do not need the mainframe telnet port exposed to the Internet, mainframe-critical information is thus protected from unauthorized access and hackers.
  • Only standard http / s ports need in the firewall that are already open in most systems are open.
  • There is no need to set permissions for telnet protocol to add the firewall, only standard HTTP / S, which are already in place.
  • By default, all communications are encrypted, https, even if they disagree with.
  • SSL3, TLS1/1.1 can be activated for additional 128/256-bit to provide SSL encryption. z / Scope Secure Tunnel, an SSL certificate generator.

    Cost savings:
  • No need to time in training end users on a new solution or money in a different package Emulation: z / Scope Secure Tunnel allows you establish your current terminal emulation solution on the host via HTTP / S protocol.
  • Since the critical information is always protected and open only http / s ports, you can use any losses damage caused by information security issues to avoid.
  • Easy installation and fast commissioning.
  • Because the application is installed on our servers, you need not depend 3rd party server to limit the bandwidth, or simply not be available when you might need it most.

    z / Scope Secure Tunnel restrictions:

  • 30-day trial

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