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January 11 2008


z Scope Workbench


A Terminal Emulation and Code editor for Mainframe, AS/400 and Unix. z/Scope Workbench offers its users an unmatched range of benefits produced by the unique integration of accessing and editing tools in just one product.

z/Scope Workbench has a solid emulation for all different protocols, a powerful FTP Client and it allows you to edit Mainframe, as/400 and Unix files in a faster, flexible, easy and secure way, saving worthy time needed so far for code editing.

With z/Scope Workbench you can work with the files that are stored in your Mainframe, AS/400 and Unix from the comfort of your Windows. This code editor has more and improved capabilities than traditional editors for Mainframes and AS/400.

Traditional editors have restrictions such as plain text, reduced editions area, etc. Using z/Scope Workbench you will have an editor with code highlighting, code folding, fonts and many more functionalities.

To put it in different words, z/Scope Workbench includes a modern code editor like the ones used for PC programming but with support for programming languages such as JCL, RPG/IV, COBOL, CL, ASM370, REXX, MACRO ASSEMBLER, JAVA, PHP, HTML, XML, ASP, C/C++ and others.

Using z/Scope Workbench, Systems Administrators and Programmers alike will enjoy the benefits of this set of integrated tools for access and editing, and as a result they will see their productivity highly increased. In addition, they will be able to achieve the hard and costly task of reducing drastically the resources consumption of Mainframes, AS/400 and Unix.

z/Scope Workbench includes:

  • Terminal Emulation for TN3270, Tn5250, and VT100/220/320/420
  • Secure Shell: SSH1 &SSH2
  • Full FTP Client
  • Code Editor for Mainframe, AS/400 and Unix files with support for JCL, RPG/IV (also FREE & SQL), COBOL, CL, ASM370, CLIST, DDS, REXX, MACRO ASSEMBLER, JAVA, PHP, HTML, XML, ASP, C/C++ and other programming languages.
  • Customizable Start Page, with connections, files and news.

    Here are some key features of "z Scope Workbench":
    Main Features
  • Support for extended TN3270, TN5250.
  • VT100,VT220,VT320,VT420 terminal emulation.
  • Internet-standard security protocols: SSH 1/2, SSL 2/3 and TLS 1.0
  • Edit files stored in Mainframes, AS/400 and Unix from Windows. Code Editor for Mainframe, AS/400 and Unix files with support for JCL, RPG/IV (also FREE & SQL), COBOL, CL, ASM370, CLIST, DDS, REXX, MACRO ASSEMBLER, JAVA, PHP, HTML, XML, ASP, C/C++ and other programming languages.
  • Manage your files easily with the Project Manager that enhances code organization and team work.
  • Code Highlighting, code folding, fonts and more functionalities.
  • Increase your productivity benefited from the integration of tools.
  • Save Resources of your Mainframe, As/400 and Unix
  • Customizable Start Page, with connections, files and news.

    Additional Features
  • Full multi-session FTP client integrated into the tabbed interface.
  • HLLAPI, EHLLAPI, and WinHLLAPI support.
  • HTML / GUI on the fly.
  • Fully HTML and ASP Customizable.
  • IND$FILE for VM/TSO/CICS file transfer support.
  • Multisession/multiconnection terminal emulation capabilities, allowing you to open as many sessions as needed.
  • Integrated printer emulation. Open IBM 3812/3287 printer sessions, redirecting them to your local or network printer.
  • Hotspots enhancements. Now supports the option to define multiple rules within the same Hotspot and the possibility to create new Hotspots contextually from the screen through the Hotspots wizard.
  • Integration with Microsoft Office suite. Export text in the emulation display directly to Word or Outlook applications.
  • Macros capabilities through VBScript scripting language and the integrated Active Script debugger.
  • Screen History provides convenient one-click access to previously visited screens. Display any particular screen directly by selecting it from the screen thumbnails menu.
  • Localization for foreign languages.
  • Keypads are groups of buttons that simulate keyboard keys.
  • Navigators provide a new way to automate navigation sequences.
  • Auto-Fills automatically fill-in one ore more input fields with a simple mouse click.
  • Auto-Suggestion feature to easily reproduce previously typed text with only one click.
  • Dynamic toolbar system to organize Navigators, Auto-Fills, Keypads and Hotspots.
  • Enhanced keyboard and mouse functionality.
  • Advanced edit options allow you to customize and get full control of copy, cut and paste operations.
  • Enhanced Screen Styles management, including support for 5250 specific attributes.
  • The Settings interface has been redesigned in a more user-friendly fashion.
  • Terminal emulation (models 2, 3, 4 and 5), both in normal and extended attributes modes.
  • Terminal emulation support both in 24x80 and 27x132 screen resolutions.
  • SCS (SNA Character String) printer support is now included in direct, print-to-file and preview modes.
  • User-friendly keyboard configuration.
  • International character support, including support for custom ASCII/EBCDIC conversion tables.
  • Collapsible panel for quick access to connections, screen styles and macros.
  • Screen styles management for fonts and color re-mapping over normal and extended attributes.
  • Improved legibility through TN BRIDGE font, well fitted for most terminal and screen resolutions.
  • Enhanced support for monospaced and non-monospaced fonts.
  • User-defined Hotspots that enable point-and-click operations for faster and more intuitive navigation.
  • Multiple emulation modes simultaneously: TN3270, TN5250 and VTxxx.

  • Pentium or compatible PC
  • 6 MB minimum
  • Disk space: 9 MB

  • 30 days trial

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