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w.bloggar 4.0

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February 23 2011


w.bloggar 4.0


The w.bloggar a program as an interface betweenthe user and one or more blog (s) acts, in other words, there is a Post and Template editor, with multiple functions and resources that the browser-based video- editors do not offer.

edit Since w.bloggar runs on the Windows GUI allows the user to posts connected to the Internet without. Contributions can be stored locally and at any time the user wants to publish a new text, a click on the icon brings w.bloggar in the taskbar to the editor, and one more click, he is the weblog.

Another big advantage is that it is w.bloggar compatible with most weblog systems available, so that an advanced user interface hosted only one to several accounts at several different places, with different publishing systems.

To communicate with the weblog, w.bloggar requires that the blog system is an API (Application Programming Interface). have currently implemented is w.bloggar implemented with all the tools, the Blogger API, API, MovableType API and B2 metaWeblog compatible API, all based on the XML-RPC definition.

w.bloggar main features:

  • Post and Publish on most blogs / cms tools and services
  • Edit Posts and Templates
  • Save Posts locally for further publishing
  • Import text files
  • Add links and images
  • Format text font and alignment
  • Multiple accounts and blogs
  • Post Preview
  • Colored HTML code
  • HTML tags menu
  • Find / Replace option
  • Post to many blogs
  • Title and Category Fields
  • Spell Check
  • File and Image Upload
  • Custom Tags menu
  • Toolbar Icons Skin
  • Supports Windows XP
  • Support for the extended

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