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B3 2.993 Beta

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April 4 2009


B3 2.993 Beta


B3 manages one or more bibliography entry databases at a time and features all the Bibtex entry types.
B3 manages one or more databases at a time. A database is a list of bibliography entries referenced by a unique key. Entry types include article, book, report, in book, ph-D, master-thesis, and so on (as a matter of facts, all Bibtex entry types).

In B3 Each entry possesses a series of fields, depending on the entry type. Current fields include authors, abstract, pages, title..

B3 enables you to edit these fields via an EntryEditor, and to navigate throughout the whole database. Exchange between many databases is also possible, and some query tools are available.

B3 allows export of the data toward different types of file: other database format: SQL, Bibtex, RIS that can be load into other bibliography manager, word processors or computer-assisted publication software.

Main features of B3:

  • Journal dictionary
  • Import from Pubmed or ISI Web of science files
  • Database tools: query, access, maintenance
  • Processing tools: different bibliography styles available, output in XHTML

    Requirements of B3:

  • Java Runtime Environment

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