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May 1 2008


e 1.0.7


A fast & elegant notepad replacement for Windows The e text editor is a fast & elegant notepad replacement for Windows. e offers advanced features such as Incremental Search and Tabbed Editing, as well as some innovative and unique features like a powerful Visual Undo.

Here are some key features of "e":

  • Tabbed Editing:
    Have multible documents open at the same time. The tabs makes it easy to switch between all open documents.
  • Fast Incremental Search:
    Search while you type. Fast incremental search makes finding what you are looking for fast and intuitive.
  • Powerful Visual Undo:
    In most texteditors, undoing more than a few steps back is cumbersome. The powerfull visual undo history in e makes backtracking fast and effortless. You can even resume editing and still retain the old branch.
  • Show Hidden Chars on Selection:
    When selecting, it is often essential to know if you get the last newline and whether you get spaces or tabs. e automatically shows invisible characters (spaces, tabs & newlines) during selection, so that you can be sure you get what you want.

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