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F Key Reprogrammer Pro 1.0

OS Support:

Windows ME / NT / 2K / XP / 2003


Publisher Old version


April 6 2009


F Key Reprogrammer Pro 1.0


F Key Reprogrammer Pro makes the F keys of the keyboard do what you want: shut down, open jpgs exes
F Key Reprogrammer Pro will let the F key of your keyboard do whatever you want: shut down, restart, log off, open jpg mp3 exe files. It can even give parameters to the softwares that are launched. It can launch any type of file in maximized, normal or minimized state. It can be configured to execute one task when the F key is pressed once and another task when it is pressed twice.


  • at least 300Mhz
  • 18Mb ram

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    F Key Reprogrammer

    Size : 3 MB