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FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook 1.0

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April 9 2009


FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook 1.0


FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook - Text Messaging Directly from Microsoft Outlook
The FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft® Outlook® allows you to send (Short Message Service) Text Messages to almost any SMS enabled wireless device directly from Microsoft's Premier messaging client.

Sending a Text Message is convenient, it's direct and it just got a whole lot easier. No need to look up mobile numbers from Address Books to manually enter into Web based alternatives or have multiple address books with the same entries. Just type the name, compose your message and send, it's that easy.

The FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft® Outlook® provides increased functionality when used in conjunction with Microsoft Exchange Server. With Microsoft Exchange Server you can set up and create distribution lists for sending the same message to multiple recipients simultaneously. Resolve names from not just your own Contacts Folder but from Global Contacts stored within public folders, Global Address Lists and the Active Directory (Windows 2000 Server).

Microsoft Exchange is not necessary for the Addin to function correctly, you can run Outlook in internet mode only if desired.

The FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft® Outlook® is seamlessly integrated with the main user interface allowing you compose and send Text Messages as easily as you send an email. For example to compose a new Text just Go File | New | Text Message as shown.

Sending a vCard (Contact Item) or vCalendar (Appointment Item) to compatible devices is equally just as easy, just open the required item and Select Actions | Send vCard via SMS… from the main menu. Enter the desired recipient and click send.

Using natural language processing, large messages can be compressed, the application helps you choose options such as removing spaces, replacing long words with abbreviations and emoticons, removing punctuation, and even removing vowels


  • Compose and send SMS Messages as easily as email.
  • Make use of existing Contacts, Public Address lists/folders and Windows Address books
  • Broadcast the same message to mutiple recipients, utilising your Outlook and Exchange distributions lists.
  • Send virtual business cards / contact information (vCard, to customers, employees and collegues.
  • Send appointment data (vCalendar) to compatible mobile devices


  • 30 days trial

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